Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feeding. For the 732nd time.

It seems as though right now, for Dylan, feeding is the one area where progress is, ah, not so great.

As a matter of fact, lately we are actually moving backwards in the whole progress department. Baby foods that he used to love are swatted away, yet solids are refused as well. Pureed "real" food is severely frowned upon. And I mean severely frowned upon.

Apparently I've done something to tick him off, because now most of the time he outright refuses to accept any food from me. He's OK with Dave feeding him and he enjoys Cassidy's help as well. Me? No.

Oh, there's just something about having to ask my 3 year old daughter to "please come and feed Dylan for me" that feels so...wrong.

Oh, Dylan. Don't you know that behaviors such as these:

are not helpful and have now earned you a spot on the Early Intervention Feeding Team?

Our evaluation is in a couple of weeks and while I am not that psyched about adding more to our already full EI plate, I am looking forward to working with someone (heck, working with "A Team") who may actually be able to help us.

Because this

is not working.


Loren Stow said...

Oh kiddies!!
They are so smart!
Malakai also goes through phases, and they can be so frustrating... He'll often go on 'hunger strike' for a week or more and refuse to anything (or only eat from specific people - who usually aren't around at dinner time!).
The things they do - will we ever understand?
Good luck - hope Dylan starts eating better soon!

Christi Harrison said...

it is soooo frustrating. Jimmy has been eating about a 1/3 of what he normally eats and I can't help but worry all day. It has been a week. Errr. And, he looks just as messy when he is done. Every now and again he downs a whole piece of toast and i think, ok, he will not die of starvation. if you find the magical answer, please let me know!

heidi marie said...

it's always us moms who get the cold shoulder the worst! ;) i tell henry he has a grievance list to work off when he's older. haha.

hang in there though. i so remember those days. it seems like it's something so simple, too. put the food in the mouth and can be frustrating. and the more annoyed they get, the more they don't want to do it. i hope you get someone to help you out. henry's speech therapist actually helped us out a lot.

Katie said...

Oh Laurie, I feel your pain! Hugs sent your way and BREATHE! =)

Angela said...

Oh, Laurie, yuck.

We're not having feeding issues, but I just wanted to send you big cyber HUGS!!! This parenting thing is so tough, and it's 100 times harder sometimes with our kiddos. It seems like for us, it's always two steps forward, one step back.

You're such a good mom. I know it's SUPER frustrating. I hope you find a magic answer soon, or at least that it becomes easier.

Kelli said...

Oh I hear ya! Lindsey is way better at taking table foods from Tim. While me? Swat, splatter, cry. Sounds like meal time at our house. Glad to hear you will be able to get some tips from the feeding team. Let us know how it goes.

Rachel said...

OH Man! We have a lot of food falling on the floor these days too:( Maybe it is just an age thing:) Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Cassidys help is great for you and Dylan.All of us laugh at somone else and say isn't he cute but I feel sorry for ya but in notime at all he will be feeding himself.We have all of you in our thoughts and Prayers. you have the patients of an Angel.Keep up the good work.
Art Betty

Tausha said...

You know, Sam is really pickey as well. He eats yoguart and Quesadillas, that is all he ever wants. Oh and rice cereal. Other then that it's milk. A friend of ours who has a son with DS said to just put it in his mouth so he gets different taste at least but don't force him to eat it. So he is basically living off of the yoguart and cheese Quesadillas. It does get frustrating, good luck.

Kelli said...

Oh Laurie, I COMPLETELY understand your frustrations. We have been having a really hard time with Colin as well. In fact, while I have grown so much patience with all of the other developmental milestones, the feeding department is one area where I lack that patience. I'm just not quite sure how to get Colin to self feed (he won't even try to pick up something he loves like ice cream) and how we can progress into "table foods". I'm tired of stage 3 jarred foods (and I can't imagine that colin loves them that much either)...We are getting a feeding assessment at the end of the month just so that we can have someone else join us and help us to figure this all out...

Colleen said...

I have to crack up at that second picture - I am sure it's so frustrating for you but how cute seeing his big sister feed him. Good luck with the evaluation. You have two beautiful kids!

Minnie said...

Man is he outsmarting you? LOL.

Sorry but with a face that sweet, he could probably get away with murder.

Anonymous said...
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