Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Little Ones

"Me and Dylan and the Sunshine"

By Cassidy, age 3

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Strollin', strollin',

strollin' down the carpet...

Today Dylan's Physical Therapist brought over a posterior child walker.

While Dylan has been showing an interest in pulling to stand recently, I am learning that walking is an entirely different and complex skill. One that is going to take some time. Even the concept of putting one foot in front of the other does not quite make sense to Dylan just yet. His strength is building, but his comfort and confidence in the upright position need some boosting.

But just like everything else, he will get it. He will. We've got the time.

And baby steps are certainly fine by me.

Friday, August 6, 2010


We are going to miss you, girl.

You have stuck with me for 12 years and for that I am grateful. We had a good life, Bai.

I wasn't always the perfect companion, I know that, but you accepted me, protected me, and loved me just the same. At first you were't too sure about me (I don't blame you) but we grew on each other, didn't we? I know that lately I could too often be overheard complaining about dog hair on the carpets and sneaky escapes... for that I apologize. I did love you Bailey.

You always were a Boulder-Dog at heart, I think. Oh, you were the best hiking partner. But then you fully embraced the West Coast and later the East Coast, too. Going to the cape and swimming after tennis balls was your idea of a dream vacation.

Your life changed once Cassidy and Dylan entered the scene, but I know you understood. You were so good to them, Bai.

And you knew me, I know you did. You got me, girl.

On your last night, when you were not well, you were determined to climb all the way up the stairs to sleep in our room. And I am so glad you did.

You were one-of-a-kind, Bailey, that's for sure...

And we are going to miss you very much.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Beautiful Sight

It's a beautiful sight:

Watching my son

as he puts the pieces together.

Watching as he begins to understand that he now has the ability to be upright.

Seeing the strength finally begin to grow along with the motivation and desire that has been there, waiting.

A beautiful, beautiful sight,

this boy.