Saturday, June 25, 2011


It is very difficult to remember that there was a time in my life

before Dylan.

There is something so special about him, so magical and amazing, that words can not do justice. To meet to understand.

  He is about to turn 3 years old.

And I could not be more proud.
Or more in love.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy.


Ann said...

I totally understand. Happy Birthday sweet Dylan!

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday big boy. I can understand what you are saying as well. We are truly blessed.:)

The Sanchez Family said...

Oh gosh how I understand...and are those tiny little freckles I see!?!?!? Be still my heart...his face is PRECIOUS!

Kim Rees said...

He is such a sweet boy! He is growing up so fast! God bless you Laurie and Dylan! You are special in every way.

Tausha said...

They are magical aren't they. Happy Birthday sweet Dylan. He is so beautiful!!