Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Food Blues

Well, the good news is that in 3 months, Dylan has gained over 2 pounds. The bad news is that we are averaging about 9 jars of baby food a day now.

Ever since Dylan's endoscopy results revealed the likelihood of Celiac Disease, we have stopped all things gluten. It wasn't exactly a difficult transition, considering the fact that Dylan eats primarily baby food. (It was the cross contaminated oats and multi-grains I was using to thicken his baby food that did him in, I think). He is not, shall we say, a fan of anything containing the possibility of a lump. And putting small pieces of food on his tray? Yes, that results in more food for the dogs as all things go flying as soon as they are within reach.

I have tried using a food processor with healthy gluten-free meals that Dave and I have eaten, I have tried to blend gluten-free pasta, potatoes, eggs, etc. As soon as he sees something odd on his spoon, he proceeds to swat it out of my hand. He will smack his head against the back of his seat and will yell out in frustration. After trying this for weeks and weeks and weeks, I'm beginning to think that this may not be our best route.

My new and improved plan is to thicken some of his baby food meals with mashed potatoes. I mean, really really mashed. As in, barely any lumps at all. That way, I figured, by adding butter and cheese we would be filling him up (fewer jars of baby food), while also getting him used to a semi-different texture.

Yeah. Not so much.

He pulls the same business with me, but will accept the food from Dave. It's the strangest thing! Dave can feed him these heaping messy bites of mashed potatoes and baby food without a hitch. As soon as I try with my small, neat, equal amounts of half baby food, half potato, Dylan will yell, turn his face away, swat the spoon out of my hand and throw his head back.

What gives?


His pediatrician is not concerned with the fact that he is still eating mostly baby food. She said that it is going to take time, but that I should still attempt my mashed potato idea as well as put finger foods on his tray at every meal.

So, that's what I'll do. But in the meantime, sheesh. I'm going to have to start wearing a shield or something...


Cathy said...

I kind of feel your pain. We don't have the celiac issue, but Lily doesn't accept ANYTHING with the slightest little lump in it. Stage 2 baby foods it is. She does like yogurt...a lot, but I have to work around any pieces of fruit that might be in it. I offer her "regular" food at every meal. She puts it in her mouth, moves it around, and spits it out...sigh. If I don't clean it up fast enough, the dog ends up eating it!

Please, please let me know if anything works for you and I'll do the same. Good luck!!

Leigh Anne said...

sorry it's been frustrating for you laurie. i hope it gets better for you. we have our own stresses at meal times (went from a human vacuum to the pickiest bugger...ugh). My nephew is a Celiac. He didn't find out until he was 14 so he lived those first 13 years in constant stomach pain and gastro issues and slow/no growth...i'm so glad you guys found out sooner than later!

Kelly said...

I am in the same boat too, Laurie (minus the celiac issue). Landon has this beef with lumps too. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a dog, so I have to clean the mess up later. I would love for those who think our children are just so chipper all the time to observe one of Landon's! Good luck!

Tim and Kelli said...

Oh we feel your pain. Lindsey and Dylan sound like the same kids minus the celiac. People probably think I am feeding triplets with the amount of baby food I buy a week. I just tried the food processor again last night and just like Dylan LIndsey spits it, swats my hand, and throws herself back in her highchair. Argh! The dogs are also getting some good meals from Lindsey.
I don't know much about his special diet to give you tips since what was recommended for us to try is wheat germ mixed in with Stage 2 foods.
Has he started ST yet? We just started and it is more for feeding issues than speech at this point. Maybe they would be able to help especially finding ways and tips with Dylan's diet.
Awesome on the +2 weight gain side, he doing great!

Rachel said...

Speech might be a good resource to try. We also have a nutritionist through ECI that has helped us from the beginning with Aubrey. If you can't get one through ECI try your pediatritian and see if they have someone that you can talk with.

Good luck.

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Laurie, I would try adding ground flax seed/meal and coconut and olive oils instead of butter and cheese. Better fats for the baby and you avoid the dairy issue too. Just my advice. I also own a Vita Mix and can make a stage one and two consistency out of anything in the house by putting it in that thing. It even grounds strawberry seeds. It would save you in the long run. I simply put in whatever we are eating that night in the vita mix and feed him that. J is very picky about lumps too and I've found the bigger,crunchier more texture the's the weirdest thing. He won't eat lumps in his pureed food but he will eat big toast bites, waffle bites, big pieces of crackers, veggie puff weird!!!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

Laurie, sorry to hear Dylan is super picky when you are feeding him (and picky, but not as much, when it is dave feeding him)! Kids sure do have a mind of their own, don't they?! Whitney pulls the same stuff, but somehow over time she has gotten better about "lumps" in her food (she tries every time, however, to spit any "lumps" out but after we keep putting whatever it is back in finally she seems to eat it... especially if we place it toward the back of her cheek) One suggestion that was in our Down syndrome Indiana monthly bulletin came from a speech therapist at Riley Children's Hospital, and that was to add rice krispies (which I am pretty sure are gluten free) to baby food or baby cereal to get the kid used to texture in the food. Whitney did not like this at first, but now it does not seem to phase her at all. Good luck with all of this!!!!!

Lisa said...

Like Jen noted, coconut and olive oils are great to add to any veggie or fruit puree (you can also try sunflower oil). Ground flax seed is great - as is flax oil but it has a more "obvious" taste that you'd likely need to mask with stronger-flavored purees. Although I now have a vita-mix that can blend anything smooth, my regular oster blender did a pretty good job (but the vita-mix will help avoid seeds or any other "texture" that might be unappealing to Dylan).

If you're looking for a great way to get good whole grains and protein into him, try super porridge (1/3 cup organic brown rice or rolled oats - buy them in bulk from a good source so there is not gluten cross-contamination + 2 Tbs legumes, my favorites are dried yellow split peas - REALLY high in good protein - or chickpeas; put them all in a blender for 2 minutes and whisk the resulting powder into 2 cups of boiling water, bring to boil and let simmer, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes. Scoop some into a bowl with some fruit puree and yum yum. The porridge keeps well for days in the fridge and can be poured into a container where you can cut it into portions). Sheridan loves it - has it almost every morning for breakfast :)

Anonymous said...

It must be the Dad in me ,but most of that stuff is not that good sounding to me.Just kidding.
it sounds pretty much that Dave is the person to do the feeding.Kids know they can do things to Mom that they wouldn't try on Dad.
Good Luck

Bethany said...

Little stinker! It took Payton a LONG time to get used to lumpy consistency, like stage 3 baby food. But from what you say, the lumps are not the issue. Honestly, next time he does that (refuses from you) I would take him out of his highchair and put him on the floor. If you did that, would he get pissed since he'd be hungry? It will show him (behaviorally) who is in charge and that you mean business. Either eat or get out. LOL. So to speak. LOL. We have had to work on a lot of eating behaviors with Payton ... she is seriously the worst.

Tricia said...

I am WAY behind and I owe you an email--I am SO SO SORRY! I just want to say--and I haven't read the other comments, so sorry if this repeating anything, but Georgia ate baby food until at least two (and still loves it if we give it to her). Slowly after she turned two (she just turned three, so over the past year) she has begun eating more varieties of food. Even crackers and pizza and that sort of thing. I was right where you are now though so I understand, unfortunately I think just going with it and keep trying is the best thing for now, but yes, you might want to get a nice raincoat!

Loren Stow said...

I can so relate (kinda...)! Malakai used to eat anything I put infront of him - no problem... but not anymore...
Now I have to also contend with 'sneaking' things in and pray that he doesn't swat the food on the floor (he's really fast!).
The best is when he refuses something that he loved just yesterday... go figure??