Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Beautiful Sight

It's a beautiful sight:

Watching my son

as he puts the pieces together.

Watching as he begins to understand that he now has the ability to be upright.

Seeing the strength finally begin to grow along with the motivation and desire that has been there, waiting.

A beautiful, beautiful sight,

this boy.


Kimberly said...

Nice work Dylan, you are so strong!!

Katie said...

Go Dylan! And is that tiny scratch to show how brave he is becoming?

Cathy said...

Go, Dylan, go!!! Yay!!

The Sanchez Family said...

He's totally changing in his looks too....looks like a bigger boy!!!!

Jenny said...

Thats so cool, awesome pictures! Way to go Dylan!

Kelli said...

Hi! Just got your comment on my post. We are staying in Hyannis at the resort and conference center. We will be there from Friday through Sunday and then heading to Woburn on Sunday to spend the day in boston on monday. let me know where you are and maybe we can meet up! my email address is

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

I had the same thought as Jennifer - that last picture makes Dylan look so much more grown up for some reason (and cuter every day!!!)
love that he is motivated and getting stronger and stronger --- isn't it great:)

Anonymous said...

What a guy.We are sooo sorry for not seeing you all.Give our love to all.
Art Betty