Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Balance

Dylan braves the cold...O.k not exactly. It hasn't even been that cold here lately. But, I'm a wuss about the weather. And as Dave can attest to, I'm a big time worrier when it comes to my kids.

We have been staying very close to home now for about 3 months. Prior to Dylan's surgery, we were told to be really cautious about germs. Now, after the surgery, we are being told the same thing. Dylan's cardiologist said that he is very vulnerable...both because he is recovering from surgery and also because he has Down syndrome and therefore may have a weaker immune system.

I'm struggling with this whole germ thing because I do not really know how careful I need to be. I'm pretty sure that my 2 year old would love to rejoin the world of play groups and gymnastics, but do I risk getting Dylan sick? Also, Cassidy absolutely loves playing outside, but do I bring out my little guy who recently underwent heart surgery?

I'm trying to find a balance. But I'm conflicted. Even a recent trip to Target has left both Cass and me sick.
I would guess it's safe to say that dressing my son like this... 50 degree weather may be a bit extreme. But then again I just don't know. This whole heart surgery and Down syndrome stuff is so new to me. I don't think I have any idea what I'm doing most of the time.

Any thoughts on the germ stuff?


Cathy said...

We try not to take Lily out too much either. Of course the places that we DO take her are the places where she probably could get something...grandma and grandpas, church, etc. You know...the places where lots of people want to touch her. Mark and I do ask people to wash their hands before touching her. It's a bit awkward at times, but I gotta do what I gotta do!!

Lily was able to get a flu shot at her last appointment, but I understand that they don't give them until 6 months of age. The really good thing for Dylan and Lily is that they both get the Synagis shots.

It IS cold here! It was 19 degrees this morning. However, you get sick from germs...not the cold. I probably bundle Lily up too much anyway!!

I would ask Dylan's doctors what they think about Cassidy going out for fun activities. It the doc says it's ok...go for it. Just remember...if you had to go back to teaching you would be bringing LOTS of germs home. At least you aren't doing that!

Good Luck...I wish it were spring!!

Karly said...

No advice on the germs. I spent the first year of Kailey's life being pretty cautious (and she didn't have heart surgery). She is actually almost 2 and has never been sick, but it's probably more due to the fact that she was an only child until recently and born in spring, so she missed that first cold/flu season. Anyway, Lucas has already had a cold and Kailey didn't even catch that. Who knows?!

Kimberly said...

Oh L, he looks so cute. Sorry I don't have much advise, but I do know that you can't just stay in the house forever, there has to be a happy medium. Maybe Dave and Cass can go somewhere on the weekends, you know on Dave's weekend adventures :)
Just a thought, b/c I know you are anxious to get out of the house just as much as Cass. Love you!

Cathy said...

This has nothing to do with Dylan...sorry...did you read that Gage is in a regular room already??!!?! Amazing!!!!!

Laurie said...

Cathy - That's AMAZING about Gage! He is a little hero for sure : )

And...I apologize about this post not being totally clear. I was trying to type while feeding didn't work very well. Yeah, I meant to say that I worry about taking him outside in the freezing cold - bc of the temp, not the germ factor. I know that cold weather doesn't have anything to do with germs, it's just that his hands still turn blue when he's cold.
I DO worry about the germ factor in relation to them being around other kiddos, in play groups and stuff like that. more multi-tasking for me. Esp. on minimal sleep : )

Jen said...

Evan's surgery was in January. It gets pretty cold here then, so we kept him in for a few weeks afterwards, but about 3 or 4 weeks after his surgery, he was back at daycare, with approval from his cardiologist. He did get sick a good bit, but nothing major, and really not much more than his older brother did during his first year of daycare.

We took him outside a lot when the weather was nice. Cold, but nice. Just kept him bundled up, and didn't stay out for a very long time. I'm a big believer in the benefits of fresh air!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

this has nothing to do with braving the cold or germs (although i could probably have a great discussion with you about germs... i was also a teacher before staying home, those kids are little germ factories)... i just realized (and i think this is a little weird) that you have the EXACT SAME blog background/format as I have... the only difference is the color - yours is white and mine is dark blue.
i am so happy to see how WONDERFUL Dylan looks, he gives me hope for Whitney, although she is really doing much better today. Still in ICU but hopefully moving to the heart center at Riley Children's Hospital tomorrow! :)
Have a great night!!!
~Laura (Whitney's mom)

Cathy said...

Oops...didn't mean to make it sound like you didn't know about germs...sorry!!! Reading what I typed made me sound like a snotty you-know-what. In my mind I was hearing someone-who-shall-not-be-named telling me how to take care of Lily...again SORRY!

I know what you mean about the one handed typing. This should have taken me a minute to type insead of 5.

The Lehnick Family said...

Laurie...I am a germ a phobic...but with two older siblings and me having 3-4 part-time day care kids...well...there's just no getting around it! Knock on wood...Brayden has had no sicknesses except for a cough a month ago that only lasted a couple of days. I'm sure there will be more to come. My other two kids are in soccer, dance, preschool and we are out everyday doing some kind of errand or running around...So I say if it is ok with the doctors it is only healthy for everyone in your family to get out! Otherwise you do go stir-crazy.
SO far Brayden has been the healthiest of my 3???? Go figure? My kids are forever kissing him, in his face too...but I know his sick days will come...just like any other little one I suppose. I know they say DS babies have lower immune systems...but maybe only a few do? We did get the flu shot in two in Oct and the other 1/2 of it in NOvember...hoping it blocks some of that...I know a lot of parents don't do the flu shots but I always have with my kids.
Hope you are able to get out and about soon...Dylan LOOKS SO DARN cute all bundled up! Love it!

Derek, Kenzee and Gage! said...

HE is the CUTEST bundled up little boy EVER!! Also, thanks so much for being there for us and supporting us through this "oh-too-familiar" time! You are wonderful and we appreciate it so much. As you probably can guess.. I have no advice about your questions, but probably I will keep reading everyone elses' advice so that I can get the answer too! Thanks again.

Cleo said...

Dylan is a handsome boy!!!, LOVE the picture :). Laurie, a month after Michelle’s surgery, we looked the worries and the fear of her getting sick in the face, armed ourselves with courage and decided to venture out, when the weather was nice, we took her to many different places. Since then she has been sick once, she is a fighter, after overcoming her difficult 3 months of life and then her major OHS, we just now she can do and overcome anything :). We are still cautious and do our best, we just don’t let the worries or fear get to much into our lives, don’t want to be their prisoner or be paralyzed by them. :). All the Best ~

My name is Sarah said...

Dylan is so cute all bundled up.

Amy said...

First, he is too adorable. Second, I dress Emilie like that so I don't see the issue. You usually feel the back of their neck to see if they are too warm. I think if he is adequately dressed then you should take him outside with Cass. Take baby steps. I'm sure everyone will be fine.