Thursday, November 12, 2009


So, aside from sitting around writing whiny blog posts about spit up and endoscopys (pies?), I also like to take some time to have fun with my kids!

Lately, along with enjoying preschool and gymnastics class, Cassidy's big interest has been drawing. Specifically: people. She carries her Magnadoodle thing around where ever she goes, all the while asking you, me, anyone, to "surprise" her. Meaning, she wants you to draw her a picture and she will guess what it is.

(Ah, Piecey - if you thought you were out of surprises, I'm waaaaay out!)

Here is her "surprise" for me:

I knew that it was a person, that much I could see. Personally, I think she's gotten quite good at drawing them! (Ahem...that's probably due to the fact that she's had a decent amount of practice. This was noted as I walked through our house spotting ink, crayon and chalk drawn people on every possible surface: notebooks, bills laying around, printer paper, the spit up journal I've been keeping, our coffee table, driveway, stone wall...). So yes, I guessed correctly that it was a person. But I wasn't 100% right. Apparently it was a person with a lot of hair and snow, too.


Lately, along with growing his very first tooth(!!), Dylan has taken an interest in perfecting his army crawl, rolling like a champ, dancing in his booster seat, and learning new signs. Yesterday he began showing us the sign for eat. So far, he is most consistent with doggie, milk, eat, more and being the natural charmer that he is, he will give kisses, as well as clap and wave whenever anyone so much as smiles in his direction.

Here he is showing a few of his best signs.


So, that's what we've been up to lately. And you?


heather said...

Loved seeing the video. He is not only smart but such a cutie!!!

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

ADORABLE!!! I need to get some video of Joaquin up. It's so fun to see the babies live and in action!

Angela said...

Oh, WOW! I am *super* impressed w/that drawing! Andrew can't draw or color to save his life! LOL

And the signs!!! Can I just say jealous again??? He's so cute. :)

Hang in there. You're a great momma.

Kim Rees said...

My gosh is he a cutie and a smart one too! Love the signs! I have to get my butt in gear and continue to teach Liliana. The video was amazing and you are doing one fine job!

Cathy said...

For some reason the sound isn't working on my computer, but the video is still so stinkin' cute!!! What a sweetie pie.

I love Cassidy's picture. As a former kindergarten teacher I have a preference for potato people (you know what I mean...the oval/circle with the arms and legs sticking

Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

Oh he is too cute!!! He is doing amazing!!

The Lehnick Family said...

Great drawing Cassidy! and little are doing soooo good with your signing! That is amazing!

Karly said...

What superstars! :)

Especially loved the signing. Yay Dylan!

Tim and Kelli said...

The drawing thing is big around here too with Brooke. I had to exchange a pair of pants for size and first had to apologized for my childs artwork all over the receipt. I know what you mean about guessing it right, and you better know every detail of their drawing. They are too funny at this age.
WTG, Dylan on the signs! So glad to see he is doing so well with them. Guess I better keep at it.
Great job Dylan and Cassidy!

Sasha said...

Love the video and seeing him live. He is such a cutie and glad to hear Csssidy is keeping her self busy with some wall art.:) Blyss loves that too.

Jackie said...

That video is AWESOME (and so is the drawing of a person with lots of hair and snow). I love that Dylan is using signs, I had such good intentions over here, maybe with this March baby....

Rachel Smith said...

Love the video. He is adorable!!!

Sharon said...

Seriously, could he be any cuter??? And what a smart boy with all of his signs. Love it!!

Mary said...

Oh my goodness, he is absolutely adorable!

lisa (tisaboom) said...

He is adorable as ever. I love how he not only sings doggy but looks for his doggy! You are doing an amazing job mama!

Tricia said...

That is amazing!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing!!!
Dylan is too cute for words!

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