Sunday, April 11, 2010

And then you see it.

Time travels on so quickly, I feel like. And as it passes, I sometimes wonder whether or not I can see progress with Dylan. It's not that I am specifically looking for it or anything (ok, sometimes I am), but I guess it's more that usually I don't notice much difference on a daily basis. And I suppose when you are asked each week by Early Intervention what he is doing "new", you are frequently forced to think...and wonder. Progress...?

But something is happening, it must be.

All along, it must have been happening. Even when I could not see it, progress was being made. Little tiny bits of it, every single day.

Because recently, I can see it very clearly. A change. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly has occurred to trigger this sudden observation, though.

He seems older to me now. More mature. He's more aware and interactive, I think. His personality is totally beginning to blossom and his opinion is certainly being shared, and quite loudly, too.

Eh, maybe it's the hair cut, after all, I was fair warned by the hair dresser that he would no longer look like a baby after she buzzed it. Or maybe it's the fact that he is becoming more mobile. He tries to climb on me now when I sit next to him on the floor and is now an old pro at getting into and out of the sitting position. He doesn't just sit anymore. Maybe it's that he is beginning to sign now as a means of communicating with us. He does not hold back in letting us know what he wants - to play ball, read a book, drink his milk, eat, go outside...

Maybe the pieces are beginning to fit together. Maybe the progress is significant enough for me to see now.

Or maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention before to notice the small gains.

Progress, growth, strength, understanding.

My guess is that there are little bits and pieces working and coming together every single day, whether we can see them or not, they are there.

To know that and accept it is important, I think.

But when it does come together and we do see's so amazing.


The Sanchez Family said...

Yes it is so amazing and it's true...your little boy is blossoming. And so are you as his mama!

Cathy said...

It's so wonderful to see it all coming together.

I love the picture of Cassidy "reading" to her sweet.

Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

He really does look older, and he sure is a handsome boy. Sounds like he is doing amazing, that is for sure!

Jackie said...

I think it's like that with all kids. We see them everyday and don't notice all the little changes until someone who points out the large progress that has been made.

Art Betty said...

A heart warming blog.Love the RED SOX shirt.The two of them are growing up so much.Like you said ,it is because you are with them all the time.Dylan you are the man.Art Betty

Loren Stow said...

It's so amazing when you see progress - and in my experience, it happens when you least expect it!
Every little step is in place to ensure that these new skills are developed and nutured - sometimes it takes a while, but it's always worth it in the end!
Just love Dylan - he is gorgeous!

Melissa said...

He has the best smile!

Amy and Aaron said...

How very true - for all of us!

We were just looking back at videos of Matthew 1 year ago - and were amazed by how far he's come in a year ... especially when sometimes it seems like the progress is so slow. But, when you look back over time, it really is amazing. Just a year ago, he was just taking his first steps, and now he's everywhere ... FAST!

We're big fans of "Signing Time", too. At the end of "My favorite things" signing time, Rachel sings a song that gets me every time:

"Sometimes it seems you're stuck for such a long time. Days and days go by with nothing new. With lists of things you'll 'never do,' until one day you do .. and you do, and you do, you shine!"