Friday, April 16, 2010

PT Stuff

Dylan is now sportin' some SMOs. Yep he is.

Pretty cool, eh?

Originally I wasn't sure whether or not we should get orthotics at all(as I had written about in this post), but after meeting with our orthopedist as well as our orthotist, and then talking a bit more about it with our PT, we have decided to give them a try. I know that Dylan is motivated to pull to stand, but still lacks the strength to do so. Hopefully, his SMOs will give him a little bit of extra stability and strength...we shall see.


Recently, to his delight, Dylan's PT has begun bringing a scooter with her to our visits. It is hard work for him (especially when he is on his belly), but he totally loves it!

Here he is telling her to "GO!"!!

Weeee! know that Cassidy could not refuse some of the scooter action!

We LOVE our PT so much!!


Rachel said...

I was just about to email you about the PT. Aubrey has her first appointment with her's at the end of the month. About how long did it take once you decided to get them, to actually get them? We are changing insurance at the end of June. Current insurance will pay 100%. So I want to be sure that we can get it all done before we change over.

LOVE the scooter idea:)

The Lehnick Family said...

Love it! We have the AFO's...Brayden does well with them...don't get discouraged in the beginning as they get use to them, they did slow Brayden down a little...but I know these are the best things for his little bones in his feet and for stability...Go, go Dylan! YAY for great PT's! We LOVE ours as well

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

that scooter looks awesome - i wish i had one for me :) dylan's tennis shoes are so stinkin cute (his smos are also!)
i bet they will help him feel more stable - whitney definitely loves to pull to a stand now and i think the smos helped her gain the confidence in doing this!!!

Kelli said...

We were just talking about these this am with Lindsey's PT. What size shoe is he in? That is one of my problems. Lindsey still wears a size 2 and some 6-12 month shoes are too big.
Dylan is going to be looking good sporting his smos in those shox.
The picture of Cassidy on the scooter is so cute. That is great that your PT gets her involved.

Katie said...

Pretty snazzy kicks + orthotics! I haven't found a pair of shoes that fit Jack's SMO's!

Cathy said...

Lily still hasn't been measured for her orthotics. Just wondering...did you have a hard time finding shoes they fit in??? I'm so scared we are going to have to wear "ugly shoes" Yes, I'm THAT vain.

The scooter looks FUN!!! It's so AWESOME when you have someone workng with your child that you like. We love ours too.

Christi Harrison said...

wow, the scooter thing looks fun. i can imagine isa doing the same thing. lol.

Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

What a great PT, I love the pictures of her and how happy and sweet she looks with both of the kids!

Anonymous said...

He'll be Dylan the cool dude with those smos and sneaks this spring!!So cute. Piecy and Papa