Sunday, July 11, 2010


The outing started out innocently enough, as most outings do. It was a gorgeous day, beautiful view, cool newly discovered playground located right on the bank of the canal...

Ah, my little girl's sweet smile. Just look at how perfectly even her top front teeth are.

She asked me if she could ride "the goat" - it was one of those spring rider things. I'm pretty sure this one was actually a sea horse, but in any case

things got a little wild, they fell out of sync, Cass and the goat (seahorse?), and sure enough



She said, "My tongue keeps going up there and it feels weird.".


Now we call her Chippy. Or Chip, for short.

Thank goodness it's a baby tooth...


Lis said...

POOR CASS! At least its not a permanent tooth!

Rachel said...

Oh dear. Best ride a little more careful next time "Chip".

Kelly said...

Oh, poor "Chippy"!!! That's why seahorse's belong in the water (and weren't given 4 legs to give little ones rides)!! Shame on the person who put that seahorse on land. Poor Cass:(

I guess it could be worse, she could be screaming in those pics. What a tough little cookie. I hope the shock was the worst of it!!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

I was wondering where this was going and if "chippy" was some east coast term like "jimmies" for "sprinkles" until you wrote about how perfectly even her front teeth were... sorry to hear the goat/sea horse got her! like you said - luckily it is her baby tooth! :)