Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He's growing up.

Sweet Sergey M.

Two days ago as I sat looking through the pictures of children with Down syndrome listed in the "Youngest Waiting Children" section of Reece's Rainbow, I noticed that Sergey wasn't where he used to be. I scrolled down and down and even further down. Maybe he got moved to a different spot on this page?

No. He wasn't there.

My heart jumped. Could it be?! Maybe...did he...could he...has he been found?! Finally?! I looked at the "My Family Found Me" page.


He is not there.

No, his family has not found him yet.

I remembered his birthday, then, and I found him. Immediate tears. Sergey is about to turn 3 and is now listed in the "Most At Risk" section of Reece's Rainbow. As a 3 year old, he is now getting closer to the day when, if not adopted soon, he will be transferred to a mental institution.


I can't even bear it.

Today I looked again. I wanted to see his sweet little face, his big gray eyes, his perfect little mouth and lovely bald head. I wanted to send loving, positive thoughts to little Sergey. I scrolled down and what did I see?

A new picture! Look at him! Look at how much he has grown! Ah, my heart. He is waiting, all. He is waiting for his mama. He needs his mama. Is it YOU?

And if it isn't...if it can not be you, you can still do something to help. Please click here to donate.

Sweet, sweet Sergey.


The Sanchez Family said...

Oh Laurie....my heart is breaking. And you know why!!!! He is gorgeous...even more gorgeous now then before. I hope and PRAY he finds a family this year. Somebody please save this precious boy!

Adrienne said...

He is perfect, isn't he? Praying for Sergey...

Lis said...

I wish I could get him! I can afford to HAVE him, just not to get him. :-(

Cathy said...

Oh Laurie...he's so beautiful! Praying that his family finds him!!!