Friday, January 14, 2011

It begins with...


It Begins With Awareness.


If you have not seen this yet, do. I ask you to please, please watch. Grab a tissue (or 5) and with your heart open and a willingness to understand and be inspired, watch it.

(And look closely for a surprise appearance from our little friend, Dylan...)


Ann said...

Noticed Dylan right away when I first watched it. It's so cool to recognize so many kiddos!

Susan said...

OMG Laurie! I went to Nella's site today and watched the video and FLIPPED when I saw Dylan! I hope you remember that I came to your house once and met your little angel. He is amazing. I watched your recent video of Dylan talking too. He is doing FANTASTIC!

If you don't mind me asking, how did Kelle get the video of Dylan?

I did also recognize a few faces from Reece's Rainbow, but I have never met any of those sweethearts. I felt like I know a celebrity seeing Dylan!!

Have a great weekend.........

Susan from Boston