Monday, May 2, 2011

Live in your strength.

At this very moment, while I should be substitute teaching in a seventh grade language arts classroom, I am sitting here on my couch drinking green tea.  The message on the other end of my tea bag tells me, "Live in your strength." and I'm trying to.  I'm trying. 
After a week of sickness and a week of vacation, last week we made it through.  Success.  A full week of work and daycare was under our belts.  We did it.

This morning began another new week.  Health, happiness, teaching, daycare.  And tonight is my last graduate class, one in which I am scheduled to present my final research paper. 

So, wouldn't you know that half-way through the day today I got another phone call from the daycare nurse?  Cassidy is sick with a fever of 103.  "Can you please come and get her now?". 

Live in your strengh, I know.  But sometimes when you can not find your strength, even though you know you have it in there somewhere, it is very hard. 

I knew that this was not going to be easy, but I guess I was thinking more of the obvious reasons like starting out in a new classroom, learning the kids, the curriculum, grading papers, getting my own kids to daycare on time, picking them up, packing all of their belongings and keeping them organized.  Juggling my grad class reading and writing assignments.  What I didn't think about was all of the other stuff that comes up.  The life stuff that gets in the way.  Sickness.  Orthotic appointments.  Mandatory attendence at evaluations.  Ear tube appointments.  Tough adjustments.  Tired little ones.  Trying to make dinner and pack school lunches with the tired little ones under my feet. 


This too shall pass.  And in the meantime, I am going to find my strength again so that I can indeed live in it.


Amanda said...

It can all be so hard. I hope this week goes better for you. Happy belated Mother's Day!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...
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Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

"live in your strength" is such a great message - thanks for sharing it... i will have to remember that when things seem overwhelming- which it sounds like things are feeling overwhelming for you right now but hopefully the cup of tea and the message to live in your strength are helping! thinking of you!!!

Cheryl said...

hugs to you Laurie!

Seems you and I have taken the world by even more than I. At a time when we are finding a new place for ourselves (literally and figuratively) we are both pursuing new education, new jobs, a new life and I know how hard it is balancing being an independant woman with being a mom.

Chin up hun, I've learned from my friends how much I am admired for my strength and determination to succeed. I'm sure you are as well. Just remember to take some time out for yourself (the woman) and de-stress, enjoy time when you are not "mom". And when you are ready to jump back on the dating bandwagon, let me know. I've got some interesting stories for you ;)