Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yes!!  When I clicked on the "Rescued" page on Reece's Rainbow the other day, words can not describe how thrilled I was to see that sweet Little Sergey has been found!  Click here to read all about who his new family will be.

His new mama has a blog called Saving Sergey.  Check it out so that you may follow along on her journey as she rescues Sergey M. from an orphanage in Eastern Europe and gives him the family that he so completely deserves.

Now that Sergey has a family, I have decided to become a Reece's Rainbow Warrior for Little Mr. Tristan.  Please click here to read all about this amazing boy, waiting for his mama to come for him. 

Tristan's adoption fund is currently at $0.  Can you help add to his fund?  Every little bit helps his chances of finding his mama, too.  Click here to donate.

Let's help Tristan.  He deserves his chance at a life that is worth living. 

Thank you! 


Cathy said...

I know how excited you must have been to see that Sergey had a family. I'm off to go read about his family and check out your new little guy!!!

vicky said...

Cant wait to bring him home, and quite delighted that his warrior quotes Lau Tzu... Thank you for championing Sergey's cause, He deserves a home, they ALL do! Rock on sister!

The Sanchez Family said...

Oh happy day! I KNOW your heart is so full seeing Sergey find a forever family! WOO HOO!!!! Miss you!!!!