Sunday, August 7, 2011

He surprises me.

Still after three years, Dylan surprises me. 
A few nights ago, we were doing our bedtime ritual of reading books and lounging in Cassidy's bed, when Dylan pointed to Cassidy's toy monkey, turned to me and said, "Monkey. Ooo, ooo.". I said, "Yes!!" and then asked him a few more animal sounds to which he knew. I ran downstairs to grab my video camera and filmed.

Having Dylan now able to better communicate with us verbally has made a wonderful difference in our lives.  He expresses his needs using spoken words which is so much fun to see and hear!  It truly allows us to see a whole new side to Dylan's personality.  Up until a few months ago, Dylan was primarily signing with us (he knows over 100 signs), which I highly recommend and am a huge advocate for!  But now that he is incorporating more and more spoken words, he is beginning to drop some signs.  He still watches (and is obsessed with) Signing Time, so while his spoken vocabulary increases, his signing vocabulary continues to increase as well.  Win, win. cute is he making little animal sounds?  Love him!


Jaime said...

Love it!

Wren said...

Such a cutie! Love hearing his sweet voice!

Cathy said...

Oh Laurie...he's just so darn adorable. I'm super-impressed with his words and animal sounds. I hope Lils gets there eventually. Thanks for sharing!!!

Susan said...

Cutest video ever!! Dylan is AMAZING! He is so, so, so very lucky to have a mom that is a fantastic advocate for what is best for Dylan!!

Sign Language Specialist
Pentucket Area Early Intervention

Katie said...

Love him!