Sunday, September 28, 2008

Will my heart break and break and break again?

A couple of months ago, Dylan was flailing about on the floor and in the process almost managed to roll himself over. My mom saw it and said, "Oh my gosh! It looks like he's going to roll over already!". It immediately made me think about this part from Jennifer Graf Groneberg's book, Road Map to Holland: Jennifer was at the pediatrician's office with her twin sons. Avery, who has Down syndrome, was trying to roll over and Jennifer proudly commented on it. "Look at that. He's trying to roll! He's even doing more than Bennett. It's amazing." The doctor replied, "They all do that in the beginning. They almost always start out ahead, but eventually, they fall behind. Your heart will break and break and break again.".

I haven't been able to forget this, so a few weeks ago I emailed Jennifer asking her if she's found this to be true. Take a look at her blog, Pinwheels, to see what she had to say about that. You can find it here:

Thank you so much, Jennifer.


Lis said...

Hugs sweetie. I am so glad you have Jennifer to get real experience from. Dylan, like ANY child, will bring you heartache, joy, disappointment, amusement and a love like you never knew before you had kids.

I love you

Cleo said...

As you already know Laurie, raising a child is a tremendous blessing!!!. I love Jennifer's post about your question, a beautiful, lovely and inspiring answer. =D