Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little recap.

Sunday morning, bright and early, I came down the stairs with my best little guy and found our backyard looking like this:

And this.

Ahhh, the first snow.


Monday, our GI doctor (finally!!) called us back. And guess what? We still do not know anything! (Gr!) She said that in 99% of the cases, they are able to determine exactly what the problem is by examining the biopsies. Naturally, Mr. Dylan falls into that itty bitty 1% category. The doctor said that the tissue did appear abnormal, but they do not know why. She said and that while it did not appear to be Celiac, we should continue with a gluten free diet as it has seemed to help with the vomiting issues.

It's frustrating, though. To not know for sure. To watch as he still spits up. To have put him through the procedure only to come back empty handed.

For now, we'll continue forward. Onward and upward we go.


12 Days of Giving: Days 6, 7 and 8

On day 6, I told my husband that I would commit to making dinner once a week. Er, please know that I am completely aware of just how pathetic this sounds, but believe me when I say that I can't cook to save my life. My husband, on the other hand, is a wonderful cook. As I had mentioned in my mediocre mama post from a week or so age, I want to try harder, I want to do better. So, here I go. It was pretty funny though, when I told Dave that I wanted to start trying to cook dinner one time a week, he looked up at me with a slightly frightened expression and said, "Oh. Um. Ok.". Haha! Ah well. With the help of Everyday Food magazine (thanks Michele), I think it will be fun. Or at the very least, it will be interesting. In the mean time, I just hope I don't burn down the house...

On day 7, I continued doing some more, er, in depth research on a very special way that I am hoping to be able to give...

Today, day 8, I am going to finish addressing our Christmas cards. I am also going to write out a letter to each of our Early Intervention specialists, letting each of them know how much we appreciate them.

So that's that. A little recap.


Kelly said...

I'm so sorry Laurie that you didn't get the answers that you so desperately have been waiting for. It's tough when we look to our doctors for solutions to our problems (we have a problem, they fix it) and they come up empty handed. But something tells me that all is going to work out for you and your little guy. Hang in there, 'tis the season for wishes!

Tim and Kelli said...

Grrr, wish you could have found a definate answer to the spit up problems.
The snow looks beautiful although I would rather look at it in pictures and not in person as it seems to be coming our way.
Another magazine I like is the kraft foods. There are tons of easy recipes on their website.

Stellarchild said...

Aw babe I'm sorry. I really hope that the diet helps. Please KUP.

heidi marie said...

i'm sorry to hear you don't have any answers yet. i will be thinking about you guys.

and the snow pics do look beautiful though!

Sasha said...

Sorry you didn't get the resuts. Keep your fingers crossed that mabye he will grow out of it. We are still dealing with the same thing. Do you think it could be realated to bowel movements at all? I have no answers for you, but if I figure something that works out for Wysdom and may for Dlyan, you will be the first that I will tell. HUGS