Friday, December 4, 2009

Update...sort of.

Dylan's biopsy results are (finally, ahem) in. The diagnosis is: unclear. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

To make a really long, and annoying story (which will just lead me to frustration, again,) short, I never was able to speak with Dylan's GI doctor this week. And believe me when I say it wasn't due to a poor attempt on my part. The doctor's nurse did call me today to let me know that the results were in, but unfortunately they were not able to determine, by the reports from the pathologist, what exactly is causing the cells in the tissue to appear abnormal. She said that the doctor would be calling me on Monday to speak with me more about it, but suffice it to say, they need to have a "clinical discussion" as well as a meeting with the pathologist to determine what exactly is going on.

For now, we are being told to move forward with the assumption that it is indeed Celiac Disease, and are to put Dylan on a gluten free diet. She said that unless they determine otherwise, we will be referred to a nutritionist who specializes in Celiac, so that we can learn more about which foods we are able to feed Dylan.

So we shall see.

Life with Bubba, Chicky and Nika

Now, don't think that I have already given up on my 12 Days of Giving Challenge! I have been doing it, but didn't think that I needed to dedicate an entire blog post to the fact that after over 5 years of not having a primary care physician, I finally picked up the phone and called my insurance company to determine who exactly is in our network. Not only that, but I then called the doctor and scheduled an appointment for a physical. Go me! Oh, I know it seems silly, but eh. I'm giving the gift of health to myself. That counts! Doesn't it?

So, that was Day 2.

Day 3 is even more exciting because I decided to give the gift of time to my husband! After 3 years of he and I pretty much never leaving our house to do anything social (bad, I know, I know), I called a woman whom my friend recommended to babysit for us on a regular basis. Yeah!

So, there it is. An update of sorts.


Angela said...


Bethany said...

Question ... is Dylan on a full "adult" "table" food diet? As in, no formula, no baby food? Because I thought they could not have concise results about Celiac until the child has been on "table" food for a certain period of time? And how do his TTG levels look?

And yes, love your 12 Days of Giving!! LOL. My husband and I went out with friends last night too .. it was so nice!

Kim Rees said...


I continually hear the disappointment in your posts. I can't even imagine how frustrated you are feeling. Those docs better have some clear answers for you soon. I swear if they did that to me with Lily I would be down there raising hell about it! You truly have been patient and gone far and above what any parent should have to go through. I will pray that this will finally get some closure so that you and your family can move on and do what you need to do for Dylan. God Bless You! Oh, love the Giving posts! You definitely need to get out with your hubby and let loose! You deserve it!

Jackie said...

Good for you for getting the sitter...we so need to do that....

As for the GI results, that is frustrating. Hope you learn more soon. If it is celiac, good luck. At least it's a much more recognized condition now so many more place (ie grocery stores) are catering to it so it's not so difficult (or expensive) to have gluten-free diet.

Sharon said...

Ugh! How frustrating. Hoping you hear something helpful from them tomorrow.

And good for you on the sitter - enjoy your date nights!!