Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I am trying.

Trying to be patient. Trying to figure out how 5-7 days doesn't really mean 5-7 days. Trying to understand how one doctor can tell me to call the hospital on Monday or Tuesday for the results of Dylan's biopsy, and another can tell me not to call back until at least Friday. Trying to comprehend how I was specifically told, by the doctor who preformed Dylan's endoscopy, that the results would be back in 5-7 days and am now being told that that information wasn't accurate, that it wasn't correct, that she can't understand why I was told it at all because naturally 10-14 days is the norm for biopsy results. Trying to wrap my head around the fact that this, this!, is the best hospital. Trying to hold back, so hard, from calling the hospital right now and demanding that I speak with someone, anyone, who might possibly be able to help me.

I am trying.

But I sort of feel like screaming.


Bethany said...

Oh man, it sucks, doesn't it? I used to feel that way a lot too, until I realized that I never got a quick answer. So now I expect the worst and hope for the best. LOL

Rachel Smith said...

Hang in there guys! We are all praying for you and maybe his biopsy just needed a couple more days of prayers! We will keep on praying for results.

Monica Crumley said...

Oh, that's so hard! Especially when you want answers NOW. We'll pray for quick and good results!

Sasha said...

Scream mama, scream. It may help you feel better.. Yes getting the wrong information suck. I am getting used to it though. Hang in there. Just like Rachel mentioned it give us more time to pray for good results:)

Amanda said...

I don't blame you for wanting to scream. I'd certainly be screaming by this point.