Monday, February 21, 2011

'Round Here.

Today we decided to take all of our zillions of germs and head out into the world.

First stop: Supercuts.


Slightly overdue, I'd say.


One buzz and one bob later:

Ahhh. That's better.


And me? While my own hair sits on top of my head in a complete and utter disaster (no pictures of that, unfortunately!) I have put that aside for now because I have recently discovered happiness in a very unlikely place:

Yes, my sweet little kitchen. The place where I have been spending quite a bit of time lately. The place where things have begun to come together for me after reading various books and websites and research on health, diet and nutrition. Can I just say, why is it that I am just now reading The China Study?? If you have not read this book yet - please do. Like, now.

And the really strange thing about this cooking thing is that I am truly enjoying it! And even more weird is that the food I am making is actually pretty good! And oh so healthy...

I'm so excited to share what I have been learning recently about food, diet and nutrition and share some of the recipes that I've been experimenting with...

But for now, the littles

and their new haircuts await.

Much love!


Adrienne said...

The kiddos are adorable!

Please share the recipes! The China Study is the macrobiotic diet, right? Very interested in it with my dad having cancer and all. But you know I'm not so great when it comes to the kitchen. Not that I can't cook, just don't want to! I'll get on a kick for a few weeks and then it's back to the same old-I'll make the kids a meal (if you want to call it that) and then my husband has to cook for the two of us!

Adrienne said...

Love all your new positivity, btw!!

The Sanchez Family said...

LOVE the China Study! Can't wait to read more!!! LOVE the haircuts too :)

Angela said...

I love the haircuts! Benjamin just got a buzz, too. He looks like a different boy!

Amanda said...

Love the haircuts!