Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Personal Growth

A new month already? How is that even possible? Well...onward we go!


So, this year, I have embarked on my own Happiness Project and as a part of this, will be coming up with a different resolution for each month. Each of these resolutions will consist of a handful of measurable goals that I will strive to achieve every day.

This month I have decided to focus on personal growth. (Typing "personal growth" just totally cracked me up because it reminds me of my very favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally... "Sally. Someone is staring at you in Personal Growth"... ; )


In January my resolution was to focus on "vitality" and in February it was to "enjoy parenthood". Both resolutions were mostly successful and really got me moving in a positive direction. I want to keep going. And so I will..

This month as I focus on growth, I will be improving on the following resolutions:

1. continue learning how to cook healthy, natural meals (cook at least 2 new recipes a week)
2. project: master's degree; take a graduate level class (Early Childhood/General Special Education)
3. play around with my camera more (get those pics in the camera card developed and start again; don't be afraid of it :)
4. incorporate at least 2 new workouts into my weekly routine

I am so excited to begin this new month with these resolutions in the front of my mind!


So...here are some of the recipes that I have been experimenting with. Now, keep in mind that I am very new to this whole cooking thing, so for me, this is actually a pretty impressive accomplishment!

I'm honestly thrilled to continue learning how to cook healthy meals! In fact, as a special birthday present to myself, I bought a new cookbook yesterday!

So, let's see...

Barley Casserole (recipe from The Kind Diet)

Kale (recipe from Whole Foods)

Mr. Dyl being cute and practicing standing

Simple smoothie (our blueberries were going bad, so I needed to use them asap!:)

Just a salad

Pinto Bean Stew (recipe from The Kind Diet)

I have been reading a good deal about health and nutrition lately. There is so much information out there that I honestly had no idea about. There are actually ways to reverse cancer through diet?! YES! Oh, I have been so fascinated with it and am personally feeling amazing as I begin following a plant based diet...

As I mentioned in my last post, please go and read, "The China Study". It truly can be life saving if you are open to it.

Well...right now, I am going to go make THIS to see if it really does, in fact, change my life... : )


Anonymous said...

hey I think I recognize those salad bowls!!

Anonymous said...

Dylan sure looks great coffee table surfing!!