Saturday, March 26, 2011

Remember the Whales

So, what's a mama to do when they leave?

I mean besides walk around the house sighing every two seconds?

This mama can complete most of her graduate school homework in one day, that's what.

This morning I read my assigned chapter in The Book of Nurturing and wrote a one page summary in which I will have to present orally (gulp!) in class next week.

My assigned chapter was, "The Nature of Communication" and discussed "The Law of the Whales". Now, if that chapter doesn't make you cry, well, I don't know what will. Sheesh! It discusses how whales live within pods and use these beautiful songs filled with honesty and earnestness and power in order to communicate with one another. How they do not ever interrupt one another but rather listen and respond only when the first whale is finished. If one whale does sing at the same time, it seems to take the form of harmony and of agreement and encouragement.

And this: It discusses how mother whales sing the gentlest, most tender, and touching humpback song to help guide and encourage their baby calves as they nudge and lift them to the surface where it can draw it's first breath. It is a song described as being one filled with love and pride and confidence.

See what I mean? Tears!

So after I read that and gathered my composure, I contemplated what I was going to do for the next part of my project which was to create an artifact to accompany this law using any medium of choice. Now, I am a former elementary school teacher and am now studying Early Childhood Special Education so of course my artistic skills include using crayons and glue.

Well, I bought a pencil, eraser and some paper and tried my best. I came up with this: I drew a picture of a mama whale helping guide her baby up to the surface for it's first breath using her gentle and encouraging song.

And, well. That just made me all teary-eyed all over again because I felt like it was such a good reminder for me. That communication should be not a lecture but a song - a song of mutual respect, encouragement and trust.

Kinda cool.


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Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

you are quite the artist - i love your picture of the baby and mama whale :)

Deidre said...

So beautiful. You have me all teary eyed just reading about it!