Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pre-op Woes

Dylan's pre-op appointment has been changed to Thursday, October 30. I got a letter in the mail explaining everything that they would be doing on this day.

Here is what it says:

"Dylan is scheduled for a sedated echo at 10 am on 10/30. He will then have a History and Physical, blood and urine tests, chest x-ray, and EKG. You will meet with the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and will tour the Pediatric ICU. We will confirm the surgery date and have you sign consent forms."

So, along with ten thousand other concerns about this appointment, one of my big ones is the sedated echo. I am terribly uncomfortable with this. I don't like the sound of it and I don't like the whole idea of it, either. I was told by the secretary that Dylan would have to be finished eating 4 hours prior to his echo. You know...I just do not want to have to let my baby go hungry. And then drug him. Ugh.

Does anyone out there in the blog world have any words of wisdom for me regarding the pre-op? I'm stressing out. Big time.

As always, thank you so much for reading. And for your continued support.

Much love,

Laurie and Dylan


Kimberly said...

Laur, I don't have much advise but to say they do this everyday. The sedation is to just calm him a little, he will still be awake just a little sleepy. It is so they can get a comletly accurate read. It will be OK, I love you!

Cathy said...

Hey Laurie,

I don't know why there's a difference in what different doctors and hospitals want, but Lily has had 3 echos and none were sedated. I'm sure that they would have gone faster if Lily wasn't so wiggly, but they got what they wanted anyway.

I know that the pre-op day was harder on me than Lily. I'm guessing it will be the same for you. Know that I'm thinking of you!

Aaron and Amy said...

My advice would be to call and question whether it is really needed, and why? Do they really need to sedate him, or can they get a pretty good picture without? None of M's echos were sedated! And, I totally agree that a baby shouldn't go hungry and be druged without a really good reason!

For M, they did a Trans-esophageal echo (the very, very best picture) on his surgery day, after he was already put asleep for surgery but before they made the first incision. This gave the surgeon the very best, most up-to-date picture. Call your surgeon and ask if that is their plan, and if so - why does he need this other sedated echo? Wouldn't one be enough - or a non-sedated echo be enough? And, don't be afraid to be Mama bear and follow your instincts on this one. Be persistent, talk to the surgeon, not just his nurse, etc.

We were admitted to the hospital the night before M's surgery so that they could do all of M's pre-op tests and stuff. We were coming from out of town, so we didn't have a pre-op appt as such, but just got admitted early.

Definitely call your surgeon and ask about it, though - the worst thing they could say is, "yes, he really needs it." But, if he does, you might get some more info as to why, and that would help ease your mind, too. We were surprised a few time with M, that when we questioned something, they decided he really didn't need it, or would be fine with an alternative.

Good luck and lots of prayers!!

Sarah said...

I have no words of wisdom for you hun. I can't imagine how scary a prospect it must be thinking about seeing your little boy go through this.

You're always in my thoughts. xx

Cheri said...

Hi Laurie,

My son, Reid, had heart surgery at 7 1/2 months. Nothing any mother ever wants to endure with their child, but he is healthy and getting stronger all the time. We never did a sedated echo but I remember each one being so hard because he was so wiggly and wanted to pull everything off. Once he fell asleep on the table and I was so grateful! A sedated echo doesn't sound so bad to me actually, so you have time to ask questions as they are conducting it. I will be praying for you as the surgery is approaching and will check in to see how he is doing, and you too!!

Lis said...

This is all guessing, but I wonder if it would just be a little sedation and you could be there? I would totally call and get more answers. Sorry hon.

Tricia said...

Hi Laurie, I have to second what Cheri said. We never had a sedated echo, but Georgia was often very wiggly and I felt that if she could hold still they might get a better look at the heart. I DO know several other folks who's kids have been sedated for the echo and as far as I know things went along just fine. I understand your worries. Maybe they don't have to sedate...have you asked? And if they do, I trust this is second nature to them and little Dylan will be just fine. Good luck to you!!!!

Cleo said...

Thank you for the update. I think that whenever something bothers you regarding this whole process to correct Dylan’s heart, you should ask as many questions as needed until it makes sense and you feel fine with it. Being alert and aware about everything is good. It is also important to trust that Dylan is in very good hands and every step and everything he is going to go through during this procedure is exactly what Dylan needs to continue to have a happy and healthy life. Laurie, I know in my heart that Dylan is going to be OK ~ , please remember that you are not alone, there are many people thinking in all of you, positive thoughts, good energies and prayers are powerful. Keeping Dylan and you in my prayers and positive thoughts. Everything is going to be OK ~

Lisa said...

Laurie, I don't have much to add to what everyone else has said, except that you may remember that Finn just had an echo a couple weeks ago and was very squirmy throughout. I know it made it more difficult for the tech to get good views of his heart, and they did say something about "making sure he's sleepy next time so they don't have to sedate him." I didn't like the tone of that at all! I understand them wanting/needing the baby to be as still as possible, but yeah, I would definitely question the necessity of sedating him. Also, why no food - what does that have to do with the echo (or is that related to the blood work they'll do)? Anyway, I would question everything you have concerns about - don't be afraid to speak up and ask about alternatives if it's something that you don't feel good about. A lot of times doctors and hospitals just have protocols in place - sometimes for their own convenience - but it's not necessarily all set in stone, you just have to ask questions and ask about alternatives.

I can only imagine how stressful and scary this must be for you. You'll get through this, and you have so many people pulling for you and Dylan.

Gabriela said...

Ich weiss nicht, ob du Deutsch verstehst. My English ist terrible. Aber ich denke ganz ganz fest an euch, kann so gut verstehen, wie es dir geht. Es ist schrecklich, da durch zu müssen.
Gabriela aus der Schweiz

Sharon said...

You should definitely ask that they try the echo without sedation. Brennan had an echo when he was about three months old and I held him and gave him his pacifier and he stayed still enough for them to do what they needed to do.
I'm keeping you and Dylan in my thoughts!

Jen said...

Evan had a sedated echo at his pre-op, and I don't remember it being that big of a deal. Comparatively, you know? I do remember that the not-eating part sucked. Bring lots of things to entertain him, and be prepared to walk around with him a lot.

Amy said...

I have to say that I don't really understand why the need to sedate if he's had them unsedated before but you were right to ask.

Seems like you have another Swiss poster Laurie. She just hopes you understand German because her English is terrible. She can understand how you are feeling and sends the best.