Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well...that was annoying.

You know those days where you are just not in the mood for the Early Intervention people? Even though they are here to help, sometimes I just feel like being left alone. Today was one of those days. I house is a wreck and my pajamas are still on. Do I really need to deal with this today?

It was suppose to just be Dylan's nurse today, but for some reason she brought a PT with her that I had never even met before. Keep in mind that we have Dylan's pre-op appointment tomorrow and his heart surgery on Tuesday. My mind isn't exactly on PT stuff at the moment. And that is exactly what she wanted to talk about. Well, that and the fact that Dylan needs to work on not tensing up his lower body and needs to continue working on tummy time as soon as humanly possible after his surgery. Ugh. Good grief. Can I please just get through the surgery before worrying about all this other stuff. And can my baby please have some time to heal his little body before jumping back into the tummy time routine. Please.

Blech. My kids were happy as clams before they got here and by the time they left, Dylan was exhausted and hungry and Cassidy was flopping herself all over the floor becuase she didn't like the way that the PT rolled Dylan up in her blanket.

My head hurts.


Cathy said...

You do what you think is best for Dylan!!! I bet it was 3 weeks before I put Lily on her tummy. If she was the LEAST bit uncomfortable, I didn't want to do it. This is a time for him to heal. If you don't feel like you want him to "work" for a couple of weeks, tell them so! I don't hink a couple of weeks is going to set him back for crying out loud!!!

I'm upset for you!!! This is so not what you need right now!

Take a deep breath...snuggle with both your babies and just love on 'em!

Cathy said...

Yea...I got a comment in before your sister did...LOL.

btw...It should read I don't think (not hink) in my first comment.

Seriously...enjoy this time with Dylan! I'm thinking of you often and praying for all of you!

Kimberly said...

Good job Cathy, I get excited when I beat Cleo :)
Anyway I agree with Cathy re: post op PT. You can get to that when he is good and ready! The main concern is healing and getting better.
The other thing with PT is you can tell them when you want them to come, I am surprised they came without you being made aware. Anyway, try and relax and I will be there in 3 days, yeah!!

Lis said...

Hugs honey!

Aaron and Amy said...

Sometimes I think it was a blessing that we didn't worry about "early intervention" stuff until after M's surgery - before that he was on hospice, so there was no point! Seriously - it's very freeing when you realize that sometimes it's o.k. to just cancel the appt, or tell the therapist, "we're really not up for this today." M wasn't allowed to do any tummy time for 6 weeks after surgery because of "sternal precautions!" Yes - Give him time to heal! Keep those people (and their germs from all the other kiddos they see during the day) AWAY for a couple months!! We weren't allowed any visitors for the month before surgery, too!! Bring on the Mamma Bear!! We're thinking of you and praying for you. Thanks for keeping us all updated. We're all cheering for Dylan right now!!

Cleo said...

I agree with Cathy, Kimberly, Lis and Amy :). Laurie, you know what is BEST for Dylan, his HEALTH is first priority, after surgery HEALING is the most important thing, the early intervention team can wait, that’s o.k.
My niece due her severe heart condition couldn’t receive any therapies prior surgery, she started her therapies weeks after her open heart surgery, the waiting time didn’t affect her development at all, all she needed while recuperating was to be loved and to be nurtured and today she is doing wonderful!!!.
Keeping Dylan and you in my prayers and positive thoughts and sending lots of good energies and vibes for tomorrow’s pre-op appointment. Everything is OK ~

ps: Kimberly, because I know you love Dylan and your sister so much, I try to post my comments after yours, but sometimes I cannot wait :). I'm glad you will be with them in just 3 days. :)

Tricia said...

Yes, you CAN focus on surgery and recovery. Don't let those people bully you. From here on out, if you try to speak up for yourself and what you/Dylan need (I know it's easier said than done.)...but don't doubt yourself YOU know what you need most.

Also...I think Dylan will be ready for tummy time sooner than you are even READY for him to be--Georgia rolled over onto her belly about a day after she left the hospital. We were cringing up a storm, but she was fine. Really.

Lisa said...

Aww, Laurie. I don't have anything useful to add. Just hugs, lots of them.

Khourt said...

Good grief!! Do they really think he is going to go straight back to where he was pre-surgery? Its going to take some time for him to recover and go back to his normal activities, so do what your mama heart tells you to do regarding tummy time for him :) If they have issues with it tell them to bugger off.

Amy said...

:hugs: Sorry they didn't leave you alone. We are thinking of you and Dylan today.

Kimberly said...

Cleo, you don't have to wait for me, I like reading your comments and taking you advise as well :)